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Dear Shareholdersand Stakeholders.

We wish to initiate this report by extending our praise to God as He has bestowed blessing resulting in the outstanding performance for the Company’s business in 2012, in another aspects, Company’s do continue to improve the performance and for future development.We were faced with some serious Challenges, but the way we pulled through to deliver strong results by the end of the year was testament to the innate Strengths at the core of Our Company.

In the competitive business climate these days, the Company is enthusiastically driven to achieve better performance to gain leading position.

In order to have the Good Corporate Governance and Accountability applied as a corporate culture, should every level from bottom to top level carrying out his/her duty and responsibility in accordance with his/her authority and also providing Company’s operational and supervision based on applied law and regulation.

Entered 2012 with cautious optimism. Having experienced a relatively weak consumer market in 2011, there were fears that inflation triggered by rising commodity prices could have led to a further softening of the market, which could potentially have a severe impact on our results. This threat failed to materialise, however, instead we saw a steady improvement in consumer confidence over the course of the year and in particular a resurgence of Indonesia’s rapidly growing middle class, on the back of further strong macro-economic performance by the country.

Eventually, the Company’s extend gratitude to the Shareholders, Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, all employees and Stakeholders for their support and performance that have been given.

May God Almighty accompany us in face the challenges and opportunities in the future.

For and on behalf of the Board of Directors

Jakarta, April 1 2013

President Director